Popular Topics for Keynote Speakers: The Leadership Talk

Many companies and organizations employ the services of keynote speakers for special events, especially when the entire group is in a huge gathering such as a convention or conference.  Getting an excellent keynote speaker who will spur audience members into action is often a lofty undertaking.  It is a challenge for keynote speakers to address a group of people because of the diversity of the crowd, the different needs of people, and the intention of the client.  More than anything, the main message should contain the objectives of the company for said gathering.

One of the most popular topics of keynote speakers is Leadership:

Leadership is a topic that resonates well with people.  It is popular because it cuts across interests, abilities and even standing within the organization.  Everyone is a leader, whatever ranking or role you may have in the company.

Keynote Speaker

One good leadership topic that is often discussed by keynote speakers is how to be able to motivate talented people to perform well.  In essence, it answers the questions of how leaders will encourage individuals to do what they want them to do. Working with different personalities and even difficult people is often one of the challenges that leaders are faced with each day.  Good leadership speakers will help leaders how to develop buy-in and trust among their team mates, how to deal with resistance to change, how to get people with difficult personalities to trust you, and how to listen well to your team mates.

Another popular leadership topic is influence:

Influence often begins with a culture of accountability which has to be present on all the levels of the organization.  Influence is actually not driven by intelligence or personality – it is the understanding of how to make others feel valuable in the organization. When a keynote speaker talks about influence, it has to come from a viewpoint that leaders have to be effective, not just right.  Leaders need to be able to say that they are willing to listen to their people even if they disagree with them.

When talking about leadership, a good keynote speaker has to be straightforward and truthful.  Half-truths and sugarcoating will not work for leaders.  They also do not need a lot of padding and fluff.  Leaders always appreciate it if a fact is presented to them matter-of-factly.  It also does not hurt to inject a bit of humor into the speech.  Leaders appreciate a good laugh all the time.

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One of the most popular leadership topics is entitled The Real Truth about Success:

What the Top 10% Do Differently and why they won’t tell you.  This is based on the book of the same title written by Mr. Garrison Wynn.  The book is an Amazon bestseller, and has consistently top reviews, with Wynn being cited as someone who writes brutally honest truths about business, and with extremely quotable lines and practical ideas to boot.  Mr. Wynn gathered all the wonderful ideas from his bestselling book into a leadership-directed keynote address. In this keynote speech, the audience will learn what makes leaders of top-performing businesses succeed.

This book is a result not only of Mr. Wynn’s own experience, but also 20 years’ worth of interviews with captains of the industry.  The best thing about it is that it contains practical courses of action that the audience can do in order to reach success, which includes discovering or creating your own personal advantage and relentlessly putting your advantage to practical use, among others.  This realistic look into the world of success is infused with humor that Mr. Wynn is well-known for.

An excellent keynote speaker such as Garrison Wynn often talks about leadership, but he does not have a cookie cutter process for all companies.  What is good about him is that he sees to it that every keynote speech is customized and relevant to the company.  His long list of prestigious clients can attest to the fact that he seems to be addressing their specific needs every time he gives a keynote address. He has given keynote addresses to health care associations such as the 9-1-1 Emergency Networks, Texas Department of Health and Health Plus; government agencies such as the Port of Houston Authority and the Metro Transit Authority; various associations and big corporations such as Chevron, Prudential, Verizon, and the World Bank.

The secret behind Mr. Wynn’s success, particularly the demand for the topic of Leadership among many others in his arsenal is his commitment to the formula of humor, motivation, and customized content.  Before actually going out and doing a keynote address, he and his team conduct extensive research within the company and even within the industry. He also makes times for a conference call with the decision makers to discuss the keynote presentation.  This level of personalization is what makes him one of the most reliable and effective keynote speakers today.


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Things to Consider when Buying Golf Drivers

Playing golf requires precision and strategy; hence, golfers will usually several options for golf equipment and accessories to help them improve their game. A golf driver is one of the golf clubs you will usually carry when playing the sport. It is designed to enable golfers to hit the ball as far as possible.

Golf drivers are typically the most expensive of all golf clubs. A lot of thought and planning should go into purchasing it to ensure that your investment will pay off in terms of accomplishing your performance goals. If you want value for your money, you can find great deals on a wide selection of high quality golf clubs and drivers at online stores like rockbottomgolf.com.

When shopping for a golf driver, you will need to consider a few factors. These are the following:

Club Head

Golf drivers typically have the largest club head among golf clubs. The large metal head adds weight to long distance drives and will usually have a volume between 440cc to 460cc with the maximum set at 460cc. Drivers with 440cc club heads produce diverse launch conditions. Drivers with 460cc heads are generally more forgiving and may help you make more accurate shots on off-center strikes.

The shape of the club head will also vary and can influence both launch conditions and level of forgiveness.

Golf Drivers


Drivers are low-lofted and have angles that range from 7 to 12 degrees. Loft creates backs pins that enable the ball to rise higher into the air. If you are a golfer with slower swing speed, then you can optimize your launch conditions by using drivers or clubs with higher amount of lofts. Most golfers with swing speeds of 90mph or less will benefit from using a driver with a loft of at least 10 degrees.
Shaft Length

A driver is usually the longest-shafted club carried by golfers and are reserved for tee shots on par-4 and par-5 holes. Most drivers on the market will have shaft length of 43 to 46 inches with the maximum length set at 48 inches. Golfers will have to strike the balance between distance and control when selecting driver’s length. Longer drivers may mean more speed and distance, but will have less control and higher percentage of shot dispersion.

The long shaft and the low loft make a driver the most difficult club to use for many beginners and recreational golf players.

Shaft Flex

Shafts come in different levels of flexibility. You can maximize shot distance or accuracy by choosing the appropriate shaft flex. If you are a player with slower swing speed, you can maximize your distance by using a flexible shaft. On the other hand, if you are a player with higher swing speeds, drivers with more rigid shafts can help increase your accuracy.

Buying Golf Drivers


Golf drivers on the market today are either made of titanium or composite metal or a combination of both. These materials are so much lighter than steel and enables golf club manufacturers to come up with bigger club heads that can increase driving distance.

Manufacturers are continuously introducing innovations to golf drivers to ensure that you will achieve maximum control, distance and accuracy at whatever skill level. It is so much easier nowadays to find a golf driver, which can match your swing because of the variety of available options. When it comes to investing in important golf equipment such as golf drivers, you should look for reliable and trusted stores that sell authentic golf equipment and accessories. You can find the most powerful and innovative drivers from top brands in golf equipment at Rockbottomgolf.com.

Shop easy when you use the site to find the best golf driver for your needs. The wide array of choices will ensure that there is a perfect fit for your performance target. The user-friendly site will let you shop by brand, flex, loft, price, rating, or special features.

When you shop at rockbottomgolf.com, you can be sure that you are getting the best deals from the biggest names in golf equipment. Enjoy great value for your money and shop all you want while staying within your budget when you buy your golf driver from rockbottomgolf.com.